Preventing wrong key typos on a smartphone never so easy!

TuneKey® - New, The World’s first and only standard keyboard to prevent wrong key typos

  • Make your keys bigger or smaller with TuneKey!
  • The touch areas of the keys and the spaces in between also vary in size
  • Therefore with TuneKey you make far less wrong keystrokes and typos!
  • And because of that with TuneKey it is much easier and faster to type also when you have bigger fingers
  • Vary the size of the keys without changing the size of the keyboard itself and the reading screen of the smartphone
  • Typed text and/or your personal information is not collected and not saved by TuneKey
  • Different colors to change the background color of your TuneKey keyboard
  • With Emoji / Emoticons
  • So adjust the TuneKey keys to your preference!  

When the touch areas of the keys are surrounded by more space, you can hit the right key much better. With other keyboards the touch areas of the keys lie close to each other, also when the keys look small. That’s why you often type on the wrong keys with other keyboards. With TuneKey® the spaces between the touch areas of the keys are in most settings larger. So pressing on the wrong key will happen far less. 

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