TuneKey® - Key Size & Finger Scope

The new way of typing with finger scope. Easier typing with the small smartphone keys with the patent pending TuneKey app. Easier typing is possible because of the new finger scope between the keys which above all can be enlarged.

With the standard smartphone keys typing on the wrong key often happens, especially with larger fingers. This is because the touch surfaces, the active non-visible parts of the standard keys that are sensitive to touch, lie against each other. This is also the case when the standard keys are visually smaller. With TuneKey the touch surfaces of the smaller keys do not lie against each other. There is just space between the touch surfaces. In this way the fingers have scope around a key and hit much less a wrong key. The smaller the settings of the TuneKey keys the larger these finger scopes between the touch surfaces are. Then it is easier to type with smaller keys, especially with larger fingers. This is what TuneKey does remarkably better, confirmed with beta testers.

In contrast to many other keyboard apps typed text and/ or personal information is not collected and not saved by TuneKey.

Emoji/Emoticons and colour settings are available via the TuneKey® keyboard.

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